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Are estimate site visits free?

Yes, there is no charge for one of our estimators to meet with you. Whether it is a repair, replacement or new fence installation, feel free to contact us to set up a site visit.

Do we sell fence material to the general public?

Yes we do! If you are looking to do a DIY project, want to replace a broken post cap or other fence needs, you can call or stop by our office and we can assist you.

What type of fence material do we carry?

Cedar, chain link varieties, vinyl, aluminum, ornamental steel and guardrail. You can browse through the pictures on our website for examples of different styles.

Do we offer financing?

Yes we do offer financing! Our 'Financing' tab under the 'About Us' page will provide you with more information.

Is a permit needed to install fence?

A few variables like the type of fence being installed and what city/town you live in come into play with permits. Our estimators do have general knowledge regarding permits, but rules frequently change and it is always best to check with your city/town on their rules & regulations. Homeowners are always responsible for pulling any/all permits. 

Who is responsible for notifying DigSafe?

GC/AAA Fences will assume the responsibility for having underground public utilities located and marked by DigSafe. We however do NOT assume responsibility for any unmarked sprinkler lines, invisible dog fences or any other unmarked buried lines/objects.

Can I paint/stain my newly installed cedar fence?

Cedar doesn't require painting/staining and normally weathers to a natural gray/silver if left untreated. If you do decide to treat the cedar, it is highly recommended to wait at least a year to allow the core moisture to ease out of the wood to ensure the paint/stain lasts longer. Staining cedar is always preferable over painting. 

What is the best way to clean a vinyl fence?

For general cleaning, use soap & water or a mild detergent; all-purpose citrus based cleaners and degreasers also work well. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean the surfaces. Pressure washing is another great option.

How do I remove stains off of a vinyl fence?

Try using a Magic Eraser, applying only as much pressure needed to remove the stain. Excessive rubbing could remove the glossy shine of the vinyl.

What are the options for installing a fence on a sloped yard/uneven terrain?

The most common options for unlevel terrain is stair stepping or racking the fence panels. Depending on what material & style of the fence, one option may work/look better than the other. Please advise that there are limitations for racking fence panels. For example, our standard aluminum sections can rack up to 20". During a site visit, our estimators will give you suggestions as to what option would best meet your needs as well as look aesthetically pleasing.

Still have questions? Give us a call today!
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