GC/AAA Fences Spaced Picket Fence panels are made with 1" x 3" white cedar pickets, fastened with aluminum ring shanked nails to 2" x 3" white cedar back rails. Wooden pickets are fastened to rails with uniform spacing, the spaces ranging from an open style fence to a semi-private enclosure. Spaced picket styles of wood fence have a traditional appeal and have been very popular  for decades. Installing a space or picket fence has many advantages. It can provide your children or pets with an enclosed area to wander and play as well as add esthetics to your property. Another thing to consider is longevity. A spaced or picket fence is less likely to catch large amounts of wind, therefore putting less pressure on the 4x4’s or posts and in return it will normally out last a taller privacy fence. When deciding on what type of picket fence to install, please consider that there are several different styles, including height, width and spacing. Spaced picket fencing adds privacy and definition to your outdoor space.