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GC/AAA Fences, Inc. has been well established in the fence industry for over 50 years. Founded on a basis of drive, knowledge and most importantly passion, Gordon "Gordy" Clark built three successful businesses that continue to make a lasting impact on the fence industry.

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Gordy began his fencing career in 1970 working for White Mountain Fence in Dover, NH. Following his intuition, he started Northeast Fence during the mid-80's which became GC Fence Erectors. After merging with AAA Fences, he completed the transition to what GC/AAA Fences, Inc. is today. In 2001, the demand for vinyl products in the fencing industry exploded. Gordy's vision led him to purchase a router from CMM and he began fabricating vinyl. Two years later a new building was constructed to service the tri-state area as Vinyl Fences, Inc., a wholesale vinyl fabricator. Along with GC/AAA Fences, Inc. and Vinyl Fences, Inc., Gordy also saw the growing need for gate automation and founded
Granite State Gate Systems, Inc. in 2004. 

Always looking to improve and envision vinyl parts, Gordy invented the one-piece PVC pergola cap, Sunset Solar Light, a railing foot bracket and a wall mount bracket. In 2010, Gordy also obtained a US patent for a steel insert system for structural pergolas.

Gordy's passion for the fence industry was well known and his knowledge was passed to many friends, family, associates and employees. Gordy considered all of those who worked for and with him, as family and was a generous and caring owner. His vision allowed GC/AAA Fences, Inc. to become one of the premier fence companies in New England, and we are honored to carry on his legacy.

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GC/AAA Fences, Inc.
Present Day 2022

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