Sending you a really big thank you for helping us get this done in a timely manner. Your crew is excellent as always, right in time, kind, respectful, helpful, great communication.You’re doing everything right. We appreciate you!     August 2022                                                                                                             

Thank you so, so much!  I also wanted to let you know how fantastic the crew of Vincent, Pat and Rick were! Oh, my goodness! I don’t think you could have better employees!!!! They were respectful, efficient, and kind. Wonderful experience!!!.   July 2022                                                                                                             

What an outstanding job! And the crew was the best! You run a first rate company!  JR  July 2022         

The fence looks wonderful.  We are very pleased with the way everything looks. Thank you and your crew for saving some of the garden items on both sides of the fence.  We are grateful to have preserved the shed by putting the fence behind it. We know that our back “fence neighbors”, are very pleased with the fence as well.

 Ron and the guys did an amazing job of installing  the fence with care and patience.  Their work ethic and pride in a job well done was impressive.  August 2021

The fence looks amazing! We love it. The guys that did the work were awesome! Really personable and asked questions to make sure that we were going to be happy with their work. They even went above and beyond and filled in a big hole under my back deck with some of the excess dirt from the post holes!!! Best customer service I could have asked for!  October 2020

I wanted to express our Thanks for the Great Job!, that you and your guys did on both the removal and repair of our old fence and installation of the New one.  I didn’t have a chance to e-mail you since the completion of the work but wanted to tell you that it came our fantastic. If you or GC/AAA ever need a reference I would be more than happy to provide a stellar review.Thanks Again from a guy that is typically hard to please.  October 2020

The fence looks amazing! I can’t say enough how happy we are with the fence and with the crew that installed it.  We barely even knew they were out there. Everyone worked so hard and it was HOT out! True teamwork! Again thank you!   July 2020

I just arrived in York and I’m absolutely speechless!!!!! It’s better than we ever imagined! Trent, your crew were rockstars today working through the pouring rain!!!! We chose THE best team for this project!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  June 2020

Thanks for getting the fence in. I am very happy with it, as are my dogs. Now if you can only stop them from digging up my plants! Great crew and professional experience all around.  June 2020

Absolutely gorgeous. Excellent craftsmanship and installation. Ron and his crew mate were professional and courteous. They definitely knew what to do. They didn’t mind my poking around. Thank you very much! I’ll have you back to redo our pool fence. May 2020

Thank you, Trent! I can't tell you how absolutely thrilled with are not only with the finished product, but with our whole experience--from meeting with you, to seeing your pleasant and professional crew working in our yard. They worked so hard and got the job done in 2 days--amazing! Every single person was friendly and professional. The yard was left clean, neat, and it appears everyone worked hard to not damage any part of our lawn--which really blew us away!

 I want to highlight one detail in particular. One member of your crew went above and beyond! I guess he fell in love with our little Frenchie "Jellybean." He was worried about a gap between the gate and the deck. So, on his own, he added a little piece to ensure Jelly couldn't squeeze through and run away. I just couldn't believe how thoughtful he was!  May 2020

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! The fence (it is almost done!) looks absolutely gorgeous! They made the wooden fence look better than it did originally, if you ask me--super straight cut--so hopefully the neighbors are happy with it. The crew is also courteous and neat, and I appreciate that so very much. I thanked them today for such fantastic work and I meant it.  May 2020

Thank you and your crew VERY MUCH,  I REALLY LOVE IT!  I praised them again today for their craftsmanship, and work ethic. You are the role model for their teammanship.  April 2020

We had a fence repair performed by GC/AAA Fence. The crew of three arrived at our house this am.  I went out to talk with them, I was approached with a very polite ‘good morning sir’.  I told them I didn’t have time to clean the area.  One of the crew members went to check the area out. He came back and said not a problem at all.  
   The crew raked and cleaned up the area, installed the new fence panels/posts. They even reset my gate hinge without being asked or expected.  Extremely professional/polite. The area is 100x cleaner than what it was when they arrived.  
Very impressed with the work and crew/customer interaction. We will be recommending GC/AAA fence to people in need of fence repairs/replacement or a new fence. We will also be calling on GC/AAA for any future fencing needs.
  March 2020

We are so pleased with the quality of the fence and the professionalism of the men who installed it. They even have it straight across. They did an amazing job! We put your information on Facebook with rave reviews and will put a review on your website as well. Thank you for everything.   March 2020

Thanks for the follow up.  We love it!  Your entire crew was very professional and pleasant to deal with.  I especially loved there level of clean up around work areas.  Everything clean and raked out.  I was given the option to remove excess dirt or work it in. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with your company overall.  As a business owner I know how difficult it is to find quality help.  You guys have found them.  Please pass on to the crew my comments.  It always great for them to hear it  sometime.  June 2018

First, we want to thank you, as well as John Sr and his crew for their quality workmanship, professionalism, neat and respectful process and polite demeanor while installing our privacy fence.  The crew worked  efficiently,  supported each other and exhibited knowledge of their skills.  They all appeared to work well as a team.  I am especially impressed with and grateful for John Sr’s focus on detail and precision.  All crew members were polite and grateful for baked goods and snacks provided, but John Jr stood out as an especially pleasant addition to the crew.  July 2018

Your crew finished a little while ago, with everything but the gate. It looks beautiful! I am so impressed. But I feel terrible about the hardship they all endured to get the fence up. What a miserable day! It was so cold and rainy, particularly past noon. But they persevered. I didn't get to see them before they left but I wish I could have given them a little something extra - truly, they deserve it! I would at least like to write a note commending them all for a wonderful job completed under awful circumstances.  April 2018

I wanted to take a moment to say that your crew did a fantastic job.  The fence not only came out great, it enhances my yard even more than I thought it would.  My neighbors, in fact people from around town, are stopping by to comment on it.  My next door neighbors like it so much they asked  for a referral to you, which I gladly gave.  I was also impressed with the minimal footprint your crew left behind.  They do nice work with great attention to detail.  August 2017

Feels fabulous in the yard now, what an amazing difference, feels private, larger and Gorgeous!!! Never felt so good walking around in the yard - worth every penny! Love the double gate, so glad we decided on it, fell at the perfect spot! The finished fence ups the look of our home, it's so beautiful to drive up to! We appreciate the great team you also sent to install the fence. They worked so hard and continually throughout the install, even in the heat! They communicated well and if you need a review or testimonial of any type for future clients we'd be happy to provide one!   July 2017

 Fence looks great.  I just wanted to send a thank you to to and your crew for the great work. If you only knew the issues we have had with the installation of the pool you would be horrified. It is so nice to be able to work with a professional company and that is exactly what we encountered with you. We would recommend GC/AAA Fences any day without hesitation.  October 2015


We love our new fence.  It really completes the house and is the frosting on the cake.  Trent and his crew did amazing work and were so respectful and professional with everything.  They were great!  Thanks for all you did to make this so perfect..just what we envisioned. September 2015

We love our fence!!! Thanks so much for creating such a great design that goes with our home. I have referred 2 other people to you. My other neighbor and my stylist at my salon. The guys did a great job on the install they were very kind and meticulous and friendly we appreciated all they did too. May 2015

The guys did an amazing job installing the fence. The guys have a great personality with customers. I really appreciate what they did. Thanks everyone. AAA FENCE is the best. April 2015

The fence looks fantastic ! We are really pleased with the outcome. I'd also like to say that John, Dan and Joe were a pleasure to interact with. Thanks for your kind offer to help out when I need the section removed for septic pumping. Will only be every 3 years. April 2015


We are so pleased with the fence. The guys who did the work were friendly, neat, and also helpful beyond the scope if their job - digging up a rhubarb that would have been wedged between the new fence and a tank. They set it aside and Bob replanted it the next day. The fence looks great from the street, and nicely closes off the view of the propane tanks from our neighbors. It still leaves the view from our guestroom to the river open. A really great solution. Thanks for working with us. September 2014

The crew you had do the job were excellent even with all the obstacles they ran into. Please let them know how pleased I was with all they did, they left the yard immaculate!!!!  I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on the fence and it does look very nice.  August 2014

Wow! I am impressed with your crew- they did a fantastic job and left the place looking like I always had the fence there!!! Thank you!!! September 2014

The fence is beautiful! I am favorably impressed with your work crew: very polite, knowledgeable and professional. I can't thank you enough for fitting us in and for the wonderful product! I am very grateful.   July 2014

We are very happy with our beautiful new fence and professional installation which has enhanced our property and completely turned around the look and character of our home. It is all we had hoped for and more. Ron and the whole crew were great to work with and represent your company well. Our neighbors and Kittery Foreside residents are quite impressed with the transformation your fence has created. I would not be surprised if more work from here goes your way. Well done!!     July 2014

We are thrilled with the fence. It looks awesome and the crew was great. . . My son watched them all day and decided to be a "fence guy" when he grows up.   June 2014

All of us on this end want you to know we could not be happier with the new fencing and we want to compliment your crew on their organization, cooperation and work ethic. They know what to do and do it very well. We have already had comments from other neighbors on how good it looks and how the new fence adds to the appearance of both properties. Nancy and I especially appreciate the extra efforts they made to "dog-proof" the front and back corners of the fence, and for adjusting to driveway entrance gate. The problem now is that the old stockade fence along the rear property line looks pretty decrepit in comparison. We will be in touch when we have built up the property improvements account.  April 2014

Our tenant is very happy with the new fence and gate and I think it looks great. Your crew was nice to work with and did a good job. April 2014

Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the great job on the fence installation.The guys work well together and did a fine job. April 2014

The fence is fabulous! I love it and I am sure my puppy will also!  Thank you so much. John and his crew were all very nice an we really appreciate all the effort. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who is talking about getting a fence. December 2013

My husband and I decided to go with your company for a few reasons:

1) Your estimate was competitive, but fair.

2) You sounded much more experienced (been in business longer?) and were very informative.

3) You had a pretty good idea of what I wanted because the sample pictures were exactly what I needed to choose from. (a better portfolio)

4) You were very thorough and I didn't have to dig information out of you.


So, anyways... looking forward to having AAA  do the project because we feel confident that you will do an excellent job!  July 2013


The fence looks awesome.  John was great to work with and every member of his team worked hard and smiled often - nice combination. August 2013

The fence looks awesome!  Thank you to you and your workers they did a great job and were excellent representatives of the company. August 2013

I just wanted to thank you for working with me on getting my new fence installed.  It looks great.

You crew was professional, friendly and accomodating-they did a

beautiful job.   And you can be sure that I will share my experience

with friends who are in the market for a new fence. July 2013

I would like to pass along our thanks for an excellent job in setting up the fencing and racking. Your team was very professional and did everything we asked. January 2013


John and crew were awesome - they did a beautiful job (please let management know)!  I'm very happy. July 2012