The SignGuardian™ System

Hardware for mounting:
  •   signs and banners to chain link fence
  •   signs to U-Channel and Square Channel posts
  •   signs to round poles

Mounting signs or banners on fence has always been a difficult task, often involving improvised hardware and frustrating labor. In some situations two workers are required to mount one sign! Even after a sign is mounted, conventional mounting techniqes provide no resistance to vandalism or theft.

SignGuardian™ is the answer!
• Signs and Banners now can be installed from one side of fence™
• SignGuardian™ is made of Nylon 6/6, which is extremely strong
• SignGuardian™ provides security to signs and banners mounted on chain link fencing
• Easy Installation!
• Vertical and Horizontal travel to connect holes
• Lock on Fence feature.
• Nut is locked securely inside slot.


SignGuardian - U

SignGuardian Pole Clamp

SignGuardian FXB-1  FXB-2


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